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General Needs Stock Condition Surveys

Home Group June 2015 to December 2016

Roberts Vardy Associates Ltd were appointed by Home Group to provide project management services for a 100% stock condition survey project including decent homes, HHSRS and RdSAP energy surveys across its general needs property portfolio of 37,000 properties and 3,000 communal blocks.

Key responsibilities were to oversee the delivery of the project within the timetable, within cost and to required quality.

  • Project Management
  • Stock Condition Surveys
  • Energy Surveys
RVA’s experience enabled the scope of the commission and services provided to be extended including:
  • Data import/export to Capita Housing System reducing the requirement for internal/external IT support.
  • Analysis of Decent Homes and HHSRS failures.
  • Site audit of Decent Homes and HHSRS failures.
  • Produce work packages to resolve Decent Homes and HHSRS failures
  • Desktop data validation of RdSAP energy and condition survey data.
  • Procurement and management of 3rd party validation exercise.
  • Implement a call to inform system as part of communication strategy
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Key Outputs Achieved:
  • RVA successfully project managed the project from its appointment until project completion in November 2016 meeting all project targets.
  • Project delivered under budget with added value.
  • An access rate of 92.5% was achieved (Home Group decided to not pursue persistent no access properties on economic grounds).
  • Data Validation was 95% accurate (confirmed by third party audit).
  • The project received a fully assured rating from Home Group’s internal audit department.
  • identification £55 million planned maintenance savings in the first 10 years of a 30-year planned maintenance programme against business plan.

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