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If you can measure your housing stock data, you can manage it

Social housing providers will play a critical role in delivering the government’s Net Zero ambitions. Research shows that social housing is already on the path to 2050. The National Housing Federation recently revealed that “social housing already outperforms other tenures in terms of energy efficiency.” However all housing associations and social landords face significant challenges in retrofitting homes and 47% have concerns about technology.

In partnership with Asset Management Software specialists, Integrator Housing Solutions, we offer a complete Survey Management Service for social housing providers to lay the foundations for their path to Net Zero. 

From strategy to delivery we offer a bespoke service to meet your needs.


Data Evaluation

Establishing gaps in your existing data, we will determine what is required to get your data fit for purpose.

Survey Delivery

Using Notus Pocket Surveyor we will work with you to deliver your results to the highest quality assurance levels.

Data Collection Strategy

Analysing timescales, agendas and funding methods we will design a structured process for collecting and delivering your data.

Improvements Measures Plan

What will the future look for your organisation? We’ll help you reach your future data targets with an Improvement Measures Plan.

A proud partnership with….

Integrator Housing Solutions have over 21 Years of expertise in producing the best Asset Management Software on the market.

Integrator Housing Solution’s intelligent Notus Pocket Surveyor enables rapid data collection and access to the latest information on housing stock from a mobile device. Notus is the software solution to measure your data on the path to Net Zero.

With Integrator Plus you have control of your housing stock data, anytime, anywhere. You can monitor your ongoing spend, search and access your register of assets or stock condition components, or check you’re complying with current government standards. All in one cloud-based, powerful asset management software solution.

The challenges on the path to Net Zero

How can you plan, if you don’t know where you are?

Social Housing Providers can struggle with:

    • Overwhelming and often sporadic and disjointed amounts of data
    • Lack of experience and resource when it comes to surveying properties
    • Ever-changing government guidelines and regulations that require high levels of clarity and understanding

The Solution

Survey Strategy

Roberts Vardy Associates have extensive experience working with housing associations and social housing providers to deliver a bespoke surveying strategy. Evaluating and analysing exisiting stock data and developing a survey design to acheive your goals.

We can work with you to assist in procurement, selection and appointment of any contractors required.

Industry-leading Software

Integrator Housing Systems’ intelligent Notus Pocket Surveyor, a companion product to Integrator Plus, enables rapid data collection and access to the latest information on housing stock from a mobile device.

Using Notus, housing officers, contractors, and surveyors can access Integrator Plus – the most comprehensive, user-friendly solution for property asset management – whilst on the move.

Training and Ongoing Support

Onsite training and ongoing support are crucial for laying the foundations for a successful ongoing surveying program. We’ll work with your team, providing feedback and quality assurance to give you the skills and confidence.

We’ll be with you every step of the way.

Project Manangement and Survey Delivery

It’s our goal to ensure that you achieve accurate and up to date data in a format that can easily be updated and maintained.

We’ll work with you to deliver a plan to simplify the path to net zero.

“I have worked with Roberts Vardy Associates Ltd for the past 5 years on several projects ranging from stock condition surveys projects to a plethora of asset management related projects. I have always found Roberts Vardy Associates staff to be extremely diligent colleagues who work tirelessly to provide an extremely high standard of service achieving the best outcomes for their clients. They have a wealth of knowledge within the social housing sector including a broad range of experience using various housing management and asset management systems, and a sound understanding of clients’ requirements. Their professionalism and work ethic is second to none and they would be my preferred consultant every time. I would have no hesitation in recommending Roberts Vardy Associates to deliver projects in the future.”

Dave Stilling, Storm Tempest Property Consultancy

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