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Leasehold Property Portfolio Review

Home Group December 2016 – May 2018

Roberts Vardy Associates Ltd were appointed survey workstream project managers in December 2016 (following successful completion of the General Needs Stock Survey project) to project manage the asset management work stream until its completion in May 2018. This ultimately resulted in managing the stock condition survey of the complete leasehold portfolio consisting of approx. 6500 properties and 800 communal blocks..

  • Survey Workstream Implementation
  • Surveyor Training
  • Software Development
The commission included:
  • Collaborate as part of a larger project team reviewing all aspects of leasehold portfolio
  • Produce survey design and tender documentation
  • Procurement, selection and appointment of surveying contractor
  • Development and set up of components, lifecycles and costs for Integrator Asset Management System
  • Further Develop component costs using BCIS rates with regional variations
  • Development and set up of Notus mobile survey software
  • Surveying training
  • Analysis and validation of completed survey data
  • Complete review and subsequent amendments of asset hierarchy structure
  • Analysis of Land Registry title Plans to identify maintenance responsibilities
  • Analysis of compliance data to update asset attribute data and servicing register
  • Analysis of compliance data to identify specialist M&E components requiring additional survey
  • Procurement and management of 3rd party validation exercise.
Key Outputs:
  • Successful completion of survey workstream in May 2018 meeting all project targets.
  • Project delivered within budget with added value.
  • Access rate of 99% achieved (Home Group decided to not pursue persistent no access properties on economic grounds).
  • Data Validation was 98% accurate (confirmed by third party audit).

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