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New Asset Database with Scotland SHQS Stock Condition Surveys

Home Group June 2018-April 2019

Roberts Vardy Associates were appointed by Home Group to provide project management services for a 100% stock condition survey project across it’s Scotland general needs property portfolio of 4000 properties and 500 communal blocks.

The commission included the scope and design specification, tender documentation and contractor selection & appointment. The scope included condition of planned maintenance components,Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS), RdSAP with assessment against EESSH.

  • Stock Condition Surveys
  • Project Management
  • Surveyor Training
The commission was later expanded to include consultancy and support for the development and implementation of a new asset management database.

The Integrator asset management software was supplied by Integrated Housing Solutions IHS with Roberts Vardy Associates completing the survey design and system setup. A review of lifecycles and component replacement costs was also undertaken.

survey software
stock condition survey

Following a successful pilot with surveyor training given by Roberts Vardy Associates the survey data was collected by surveyors using Notus mobile software supplied by IHS with the survey design, setup and project management completed by Roberts Vardy Associates.

Following completion of the surveys data validation was 98% accurate (confirmed by third party audit). Roberts Vardy Associates were asked to review survey data and carry out analysis of SHQS and EESSH failures. This assisted Home Group in identifying work packages to resolve these failures.

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